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Job Site Safety Analysis (JSA) common job hazards

Common Hazards and Descriptions

Below is a list of the common hazards associated with a project. As the JSA's are integrated into our job flow. We will become better at focusing in on what can go wrong on a project. With a clear defined scope of work, with attention to hazards on a project we can reduce potential injuries, like I had a few years ago. A cleaning technician on a ladder fell. To this day I do not know why she was on a ladder, as the room she was in had water damage that affected the floor. The owner of this company we subcontracted with stated she was fine. Late I find out, she was taken away in an ambulance and later we received a letter months later that we and our client were being sued over the incident. If back in 2018 we were doing the JSA's this may have been avoided. It would have been discussed. The JSA, not only protect the workers, it also protect us and our company.

Next week I will dive into tool box talks on some of the common hazards we find on jobs.

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