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  • David Watts

The Lost Five Commandments Part 4

Provide (or “Be”) an Ethics Mentor

It can be of great value to identify a particularly levelheaded individual(s) within the company that can guide those within the company facing an ethical challenge. This person can be a beacon showing the way the company wishes to “do the right thing” in all matters.

Of course, subjects of ethics can be difficult to resolve. However, healthy principles help us make decisions every day. Every person must make their own decisions based on their internal ethical and spiritual code. We are obligated to make these decisions without concern for what others think, without being attached to the outcome, and support others in this area.

However, you will be required to demonstrate your courage; criticisms will arise from all corners. If you succumb to the pressure of these criticisms, you are likely to rethink and second-guess yourself and you may find yourself moving to a less ethical outcome. Do not allow this kind of pressure to force you to compromise on what you believe to be ethical.

While not always immediately apparent, your goodness and truth will come forward and reflect well on you as well as those around you. An ethical and spiritual path in business, as in life is an individual one.

Ethical choices may not be popular – but then again, ethical decisions are not the result of consensus. They are the result of your convictions.

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